Forged Reality – Book Two Fractured Souls

At long last, Forged Reality is out! Pick up your copy today on any of these retailers: CBD | CreateSpace |  Barnes and Noble |  Kobo | iBooks or on  Amazon by picking your country: US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT | NL | JP | BR | CA | MX | AU | IN YA Science Fiction/Thriller FORGED REALITY  – Fractured Souls Book Two Memories have a[…]

Life update!

Yes, we’re homeschoolers! A lot has happened in the past year or so of my life and while I was actively finishing up Forged Reality (and getting it ready to release on June 27, 2016) I was also dealing with a new way of life! Most of my frequent readers know that we are homeschoolers[…]

Big things happening…

Ahhhh, I have secrets and I can’t keep it! Pieces of Me is getting a face-lift! Although we aren’t ready for the cover reveal, let me assure you that this face-lift is exactly what Braidan needed! And because I’m super nice (or maybe this makes me ornery?) I’m going to give you a teaser cover. Heh.[…]