Autism, Asthma, and Toxins…

Some of you know the stories (or at least have heard little bits here and there) about my youngest son, Toby. He struggles with respiratory illnesses and had been diagnosed with RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) and uncontrolled Asthma (I’ll inject here that Toby was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and might have Auditory Processing Read more about Autism, Asthma, and Toxins…[…]

CreateSpace’s secret menu: Hardcover

Original article posted on: Thank you Shawn for the great article to share with the world! ——————- A lot of indie authors tend to be disheartened when fans or family members ask for a hardcover of their book and they have to tell them this isn’t an option with their distributor–CreateSpace. What if I was to Read more about CreateSpace’s secret menu: Hardcover[…]