2015 Resolutions

I know what some of you might be thinking… “New years resolutions? Come on, isn’t that like last decade?” Yes, and I’m actually one of those people. When you see the hordes of resolutions popping up on social media I can’t help but cringe at the hundreds of things these well meaning folks just will[…]

One Summer, Many Worlds

What are you doing Monday? What ever it is, I’m sure after you read this you’ll want to clear your schedule of everything. Maybe even work. Unless you can facebook at work, then maybe you can do that… but don’t tell your boss I said that was okay. So what am I talking about? Epic[…]

Writing Process Blog Tour

Thank you for stopping by for this week’s Writing Process Blog Tour! This is a travelling blog tour that pops up every Monday for writers to share a little about what, how and why they write. If you’re a writer, I hope it cheers you on your journey — and if you’re not, hopefully it[…]

CreateSpace’s secret menu: Hardcover

Original article posted on: http://shawnebell.com/createspaces-secret-hardover-option/ Thank you Shawn for the great article to share with the world! ——————- A lot of indie authors tend to be disheartened when fans or family members ask for a hardcover of their book and they have to tell them this isn’t an option with their distributor–CreateSpace. What if I was to[…]

Coffee Talk

It’s Saturday and I am sitting here with my cup of coffee in one hand, mouse in the other… trying to decide what I’m going to post about today… when out of  nowhere coffee comes to mind. Never mind that its always on my mind… let’s just go with it. A few years ago, I[…]