Life update!

Yes, we’re homeschoolers! A lot has happened in the past year or so of my life and while I was actively finishing up Forged Reality (and getting it ready to release on June 27, 2016) I was also dealing with a new way of life! Most of my frequent readers know that we are homeschoolers[…]

Big things happening…

Ahhhh, I have secrets and I can’t keep it! Pieces of Me is getting a face-lift! Although we aren’t ready for the cover reveal, let me assure you that this face-lift is exactly what Braidan needed! And because I’m super nice (or maybe this makes me ornery?) I’m going to give you a teaser cover. Heh.[…]

2015 Resolutions

I know what some of you might be thinking… “New years resolutions? Come on, isn’t that like last decade?” Yes, and I’m actually one of those people. When you see the hordes of resolutions popping up on social media I can’t help but cringe at the hundreds of things these well meaning folks just will[…]

Coffee Talk

It’s Saturday and I am sitting here with my cup of coffee in one hand, mouse in the other… trying to decide what I’m going to post about today… when out of  nowhere coffee comes to mind. Never mind that its always on my mind… let’s just go with it. A few years ago, I[…]

5 Love Languages of a Writer

You might be familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. The idea is that everyone can learn to speak(do) all of them, usually, but personally have one that’s dominant. And that is the way you most feel loved and give love. The five choices for love languages are: – Quality Time – Acts of Service –[…]


I’m excited to announce my five day devotional will be used in our church services this advent! They aren’t necessarily for advent or even about advent, but they are tailored to hit upon subjects similar to the subjects the pastor is preaching about the same week. My topics are: Week 1:  The Call to Worship[…]