Still loading….

Have you ever been stuck on a website when the content won’t load? That is kind of how I believe my year could be described. I was stuck on this “life page” and I couldn’t get past the loading sign. I tried and tried and tried… and failed and failed and failed. Then I tried some Read more about Still loading….[…]

March Update

It’s March… yeah, about that. I might’ve posted about the speed of time once… or twice… and maybe more, I stopped looking. But that is completely besides the point. I’m not going to tell you how unimpressed I am that time is not waiting for me. Nor will I tell you how displeased I am Read more about March Update[…]

5 Love Languages of a Writer

You might be familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. The idea is that everyone can learn to speak(do) all of them, usually, but personally have one that’s dominant. And that is the way you most feel loved and give love. The five choices for love languages are: – Quality Time – Acts of Service – Read more about 5 Love Languages of a Writer[…]

Latest releases you need to know about!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted any of the latest releases that have come across my desk that I’m excited about. So, I thought I would just blanket blog all my fav releases from the past couple months. Bare with me, it’s going to be long because my peeps have been busy! First Read more about Latest releases you need to know about![…]

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…

*dances around singing the 80s tune* The contest has ended and I’m picking a winner today! So check your email shortly for your winning email– you get to name some characters! Woot woot! In the Dragons of the Deep news, a release date is coming within the week! Can you stand it? I’m so excited… Read more about I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…[…]

Welcome Summer… err end of Spring?

Wow, it’s quite a difference to be in Northern California this time of year and reading on Facebook about all the snow that’s still happening in Denver area. I remember the snow, quite fondly at times, and then thank the Lord I don’t have to deal with the bone numbing cold that comes along with Read more about Welcome Summer… err end of Spring?[…]