CreateSpace’s secret menu: Hardcover

Original article posted on: Thank you Shawn for the great article to share with the world! ——————- A lot of indie authors tend to be disheartened when fans or family members ask for a hardcover of their book and they have to tell them this isn’t an option with their distributor–CreateSpace. What if I was to Read more about CreateSpace’s secret menu: Hardcover[…]

5 Love Languages of a Writer

You might be familiar with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. The idea is that everyone can learn to speak(do) all of them, usually, but personally have one that’s dominant. And that is the way you most feel loved and give love. The five choices for love languages are: – Quality Time – Acts of Service – Read more about 5 Love Languages of a Writer[…]

Writing Update

Ahhh, it’s been a couple weeks. It’s totally time for some writer accountability, don’t-cha-think? Pieces of Me – I’m excited to announce that after much thought and prodding from my beta readers, I’ve decided to pitch Pieces of Me to the big 6 5! Well really, an agent first then the big six. So look Read more about Writing Update[…]

101 Success Secrets

Christine Fonseca, author of Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope With Explosive Feelings has done it again!

It’s out! Its out! And ready for you to pick up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The Blurb: Pssst! Want to know a secret? 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids: The Ultimate Handbook is a must-read for gifted kids ages 8 to 12 who want to find success in school and life. If you know gifted kids, they will love the 101 awesome secrets, tips, and tricks included in this book!

Chock full of fun suggestions and practical strategies, 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids covers topics including bullying, school performance, perfectionism, friendships, and sibling rivalries. Fun quizzes, tip sheets, and practical Q & A sections from other gifted kids and preteens make this book fun to read and give gifted kids insight into everything they’ve ever wanted to know about being gifted. Proven strategies for dealing with stress management, parents’ and teachers’ expectations, anxiety, cyber-bullying, friendship troubles, and more make this the must-have guide for every gifted kid!

Buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Check out her blog at or catch her on twitter at @chrstinef

You won’t be sorry you did!

Can I borrow your napkin?

Have you heard the buzz? Napkins are the next canvas! Well, at least they are for this guy @TheNapkinDad (Marty Coleman) and they have been since 1998. It all started with his little doodles for his girls in their lunch boxes and now has expanded to much more. In fact, one of the napkins received mainstream recognition when it was was featured in Time Magazine post the Obama election.

I found out about @TheNapkinDad when he replied to a tweet of mine and I thought… “What a curious twitter name… I wonder what it means?” And of course, being curious to fault… I clicked on his blog and started a conversation with him.

The story about how he got started doing the Napkin Thing choked me up. What a great dad and guy this man is! What an ingenious idea to pour your creative outlet onto a napkin. What’s better, he is getting noticed by many people. Television shows and magazines have picked him up and done interviews. Now all he needs is a book deal. Shoot, that should be easy right? I mean, if you look through his sight you will see many things that challenge the way you think, live, dream, love, believe… all on the face of a napkin. This is good stuff!

He draws what is happening in his life and the world. So in light of the recent earthquakes and tsunami’s you will see his inspirational work reflect these tragedies.

You can see all his napkins on his website and even follow his blog or drop him a line to let him know how his wit has impacted you.

He inspired me sooo much, I made a napkin drawing of my own. However, we only have paper towels here… so I improvised. Be kind… it’s my first time.

Yah, I know. I won’t quit my day job. LOL

Ahem, so if you haven’t done it yet, go check out @TheNapkinDad (Marty Coleman) on twitter or follow his website at Seriously, good stuff. Oh and if you know a publisher interested in this… hook him up! This would be a great coffee table book!

Two great napkins YOU MUST see if you see no others: Christina Taylor Green and Rain Puddles
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AND Martin Luther King Day. Seriously, seriously check them out.

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No worries, I’m not talking infectious diseases here… nor the common cold virus. I’m talking about YOU.

Ask yourself, “Am I contagious?”

Now, ponder what exactly this could mean to you. To me, it means a lot more then one would think. To be contagious… well… is absolutely and completely awesome in this context!

Recently, I was told that my attitude was contagious. This is one of the highest complements I could’ve received, but with it also comes a lot of responsibility. If you’re being happy and excited about something, it’s easy to see the contagious spirit as a complement. However, what happens when I am upset and grumpy? Will that attitude become as contagious as the last? […read more…]