DD’s Assignment…

DD10 is in the fifth grade and happily going to sixth next year. If you didn’t know, we homeschool and have a lot of fun doing it. Things like this make me remember why we homeschool.

She was asked to write a short story about an animal who may or may not have been chosen to get on the ARK when Noah built it and the great flood came. The assignment asked her to write with a friend, so she grabbed DS9 and off they went. However, the twist to the story was that they would have to write it from the animals POV… I got an email a few minutes ago with the assignment and I was sooo pleased with the whole thing! I did not edit it AT ALL this is DD10’s exact story (with help of DS9).

Koala’s Point Of View by DD10

I am a Koala. My name is Ian. The other day I saw this weird guy with a stick and a long, white, fluffy, beard. He was telling all the animals it was almost time. A few hours later I sat in my tree and thought, almost time for what?

He also said that a “God” was telling him this. I wondered if this was true. I couldn’t sleep that night. So in the middle of the night, I went to his little hut. I saw this scroll that said, “Genesis.” I snatched it from the shelf and rushed out.

Maybe this will help me, I thought.

I searched through the pages. It had theses weird symbols in it. I saw a lot of them. One set of symbols looked like this: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I was very confused. So I decided to go to my grampa’s house the next day. He was a wise man. He could read it! So I cuddled with it in my bed.

The next day, I saw the man building something. He didn’t care the least bit about the missing scroll. I climbed down from my tree; and hopped to grampa’s house.

When I got there he was reading a book. I zipped up the tree and started talking, “Hi Gramps!”

“Why ‘ello there youngst’r,” Grampa said.

“Can you help me with this? To read the human symbols?” I asked him.

“Sure ol’ chap!” He replied. I handed him the scroll and he read to me. How a God created the heavens and the earth. It was amazing. But it stopped at chapter 5. There hadn’t been anymore.

“That’s it?” I asked sadly.

“Yeppers,” he said. “They’re probably not finished. So you’d better go bring it back!”

So I did as he said. After I dropped it off I thought about how God created everything, even me. I peeked around the tree; there was a GIANT THINGERMABOBBERJIGGER there! I gasped. The man came to a little ramp and raised his hands. He was naming all the animals that would get on and be saved from being killed! I wanted to be saved so badly. Then he came to the Koala section, I held my breath, he said, “Brittney and Ian!” I jumped with joy! But then I frowned. My Grampa wasn’t coming. He will go to heaven, which I will love! We all crowded onto the giant thingermabobberjigger and I looked out the window of it. I saw waters flow at a rapid speed. It looked like this thingermabobberjigger was going to get crushed! But it didn’t. I was safe.

In my pen that night, I prayed to God, “Please let my Grampa reach heaven, and help me to have a good sleep tonight. Please let me get to know you, AMEN,” I smiled to myself. I was happy. I was chosen. I was alive.

So very proud to be the mother of these darling children!

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