New School Year

As most of you know, I’m a homeschooling parent. We have homeschooled our three kids from the beginning so I have no big story about how the system failed my children or how my children failed the system. No, we just thought it was the best fit for our family and continue to feel that way nine years later. Wow, has it been nine years? I guess it has!

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it is for us. And we continue to evaluate each school year and make sure the fit is still there.

The benefits of homeschool, for us, far outweigh and negative aspects. People ask all the time how I can handle being with my kids 24/7/365 and I can’t really answer that question. We have adapted, just like public school kids do. We know there are moments that we need to step away and allow each other to have our own space. We have mastered the social cues of “NEED INPUT” or “DON’T TALK TO ME”. Our children appreciate the hand of guidance and even recognize the benefits of hard lessons they learn when they are wrong. And in turn, they recognize that we are not perfect as parents and that we can be wrong, thus making us human. It’s an excellent system. One we have worked at since they were born. It’s hard as a parent to admit we are wrong, but it does open up a whole new thought process for our kids.

Anyhow, our school year started again last week. There were no typical back to school pictures of our kids in their new outfits or boarding the bus. No fancy lunch boxes or school lunch cards. In fact, I’m pretty sure only one of the children got dressed before starting their first day of lessons. The other two stayed in their pajamas and only dressed/showered when they’d completed. The two love to do school in their jammies, so it’s probably the way it happened.

This year we decided to go with a charter school because I have a ninth grader. Yikes! She has a full schedule with French I, Advanced Photography, English I (which might be switched to honors English), Algebra I, General Science III, History and Geography, and Guitar. I’ve always been an independent homeschooler, but we are willing to go with a charter this year for some added benefits that will hopefully make her freshman year remarkable! The good thing is that if it doesn’t work for us, we can dis-enroll pretty easily. But because all of my children are pretty good at working at a good pace, I think this will be a good choice. Only time will tell.

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