Indie Bound Series recap (so far)…

If you’ve missed the beginning of this awesome series, today’s the day to catch up before we go for another ten plus days of awesome guests! So much has been shared about the Indie Bound author and the choices and so much more still to come you do NOT want to miss. I’ve seen the posts and while we’ve already had an awesome series… it just gets better and better each time someone posts! So much great information!

Day One: Indie Author: Denise Grover Swank and Indie Editor: Jim Thomsen – Importance of an editor

Day Two: Indie Author: Breanna Teintze – What’s it like being an indie author? Like being a traditional author, only more so.

Day Three: Indie Author: LK Gardner-Griffie – Her story about the Indie Road

Day Four: Indie Author: Anne Riley – Interview (Agent to submission to indie)

Day Five: Indie Author: Deborah Riley-Mangus – To Be or Not To Be?

Day Six: Indie Author: Heather McCorkle – From agent to submission to indie

Day Seven: Indie Author: Jolyn Palliata – The Stigma of Self Publishing

Day Eight: Indie Author: Trish McCallan – Hard Choices

And still to come: Branli Caidryn, Megan Curd, Kristie Cook, Claudia Hall Christian, Penny Holguin, Donna and Alex Carrick, Jeena Papaadi, CA Marshall, SM “Frankie” Blooding, Icy Sedgwick and more!

I told you it would be epic! I hope you will visit each post and glean from the wonderful information on each.

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