Tattered from LK Gardner-Griffie

LK: First of all, I’d like to thank Eisley Jacobs for hosting the Tattered tour.

  1. For today’s prize of a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Eisley’s own book, Born to Be a Dragon, simply comment on this post.
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    • Put together the puzzle and write down the code. Each day will give another part of the coupon code. Please note at the top whether it is for eBook or Print.
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Tattered is the third novel in the heartwarming young adult series, Misfit McCabe. A little about the book:

What do Sunday afternoon court proceedings, cheerleader tryouts, and a book burning have in common? Katie McCabe is back in action.

After her nemesis Harvey is found guilty and sentenced to community service, Katie wants to believe her troubles are over, but Harvey won’t rest until he gets revenge. When blackmail rears its ugly head, she’s caught between friends and enemies putting her growing relationship with Tom at stake. Books go up in flames and Katie’s world rains down in tatters.

Eisley is one of my Twitter Sisters and a fellow Bling Babe. We have shared excitement over how the writing is going as well as shoring one another up when tough times hit, both in writing and personal life. Eisley is one of the best supporters I know, and she’s also an excellent writer, so I recommend you get a copy of Born to Be a Dragon if you haven’t read it already or don’t win it today. Now I’ll turn things over to Katie McCabe, the fourteen-year-old main character of Tattered.

Katie: Hi Eisley! How are your cute little puppies? I’ve been wanting a doxi-doodle ever since I saw yours. They are just sooooo cute!

Oh yeah… the tour…

Today I get to tell everyone about my best friend in the whole world — Tim Lawrence! (Thank goodness I didn’t mess up and call him Timmy. He hates that.) Where do I even start with Tim. I’ve known him forever, and we’ve been best friends from the beginning. I think maybe because we both grew up with only a dad. His mom left when he was a baby, and my mamma died in an accident when I was very young. And he swears that *I’m* the one who always gets us in trouble, but he’s always right beside me… and sometimes it’s his idea. And he would get us in trouble by drawing something, like a picture of the teacher snoring, and then passing it to me and I’d get caught with it!!

Tim hasn’t had the easiest life… his mom left, and his dad… well, let’s just say I don’t like his dad. Which is why he wound up spending so much time at my house. Daddy would always let him stay when he needed to. And that’s why I think of him like the brother I never had. Things were great until this past summer, when he started feeling differently about me… I didn’t want him to, but I guess he can’t help it any more than I can help that I love him like a brother. We’re working things out, ’cause that’s how great of a guy he is. If I were to lose Tim, I’d lose a big part of myself.

LK: Put the puzzle below together for part of the code to receive a free Misfit McCabe ebook. And make sure you visit Christine Fonseca on tomorrow’s stop on the tour. And for all details on the tour, the prizes, and the stops, please visit Griffie World.

If the puzzle does not load correctly, please refresh your browser and it should display correctly.



17 thoughts on “Tattered from LK Gardner-Griffie

  • Thanks so much to my Twitter Sister and fellow Bling Babe, Eisley Jacobs, for having Katie and I on your site today. It has been a blast so far. Now let’s get the comments rolling.

  • Hi LK! I’m so glad I’ll all caught up on this tour. I visited your previous stops and am having fun reading the posts and tinkering with the puzzle pieces – puzzles are my thing 🙂 I’m with Katie on her view of friendship. Friends are always there and well, when you get in trouble don’t be surprised if they’re in the hole with you. What are friends for, right? 🙂


  • Thanks for catching up Fiery Na – don’t forget to comment on all of the posts to be sure that you are entered in the Kindle contest. I love the puzzles to. I have done them all and do them each day as they are posted. 😉

  • Hi LK, the book sounds good. I have two teenaged girls so I’m always looking for good YA lit. I try to read it before I let them have it just to make sure it’s really appropriate you know? I love the friendship theme. Friends are so important in the teen years (well anytime but especially then). Nice to “meet” you and Katie!

  • It’s exciting that some lucky person will win A Misfit McCabe
    Book AND a copy of Born to Be A Dragon

  • I know right! It’s like a double win AND AND AND AND…. An entry into a Kindle Fire. Dude, it’s like Christmas all over again!

  • I read Misfit McCabe and I will be reading the second one shortly hopefully along with Tattered 🙂 Can’t wait to see what happens

  • I haven’t heard of the Tattered book before, and am really excited about it! I love all kinds of books!

  • Thanks Maddy!! I appreciate your support

    Marietta ~ I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a parent who is involved with their children and what they read. That is excellent.

    Iona – Could you IMAGINE a Deglan-Katie-Meia mashup??? Good Grief! I have enough trouble keeping up with Katie now, but flying around on the back of a dragon??? I’d never see her again.

    Eisley – Let’s just have the holiday spirit all year. Lights, decorations, and BLING!!!!

    Justine ~ I would love to hear your thoughts when you finish reading. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to comment on ALL the other posts.

    Stacy ~ You should SEE the little doxie-doodles. They are truly adorable.

    Thanks Michelle ~ I’m pretty excited about it myself. It has taken me on a journey, but the results were worth it.

  • I would love a second copy of Born to be a Dragon to give to my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. 🙂

    *Extreme bookworm hyperness*

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