1000 Twitter followers…


Wow, you know… it’s humbling to see the number of twitter followers go up… and down. I am sorry I am not as witty as Ashton Kutcher or Kirstie Alley… but I am me. I try to be me anyhow…

I try hard not to look at the numbers on twitter, because it’s just numbers but when I logged into the web this week, I couldn’t help but notice the number 920! I am nearing that 1000 mark!

So… since I gave away chocolate on 500 (ish–wasn’t it??) I decided to give away something for this occasion too… that includes chocolate. And Coffee(ish). And Pens. And Books. And… and… and… 🙂 Well, a large package of fun!

But I can’t put all your names in the hat until I have 1,000 followers on twitter, so here is what you can do. Each thing you do enters you to win.

1.  Follow me on Twitter @EisleyJacobs (If you already follow me you are entered to win!).
2. Tweet something about the contest like: Follow @EisleyJacobs for your chance to win a fabulous prize pack once she reaches her 1K follower! http://www.eisleyjacobs.com/.
3. Become a fan of my Facebook.
4. Leave a comment on my Facebook Fan Page Wall.
5. Use some other social media to get the contest out (must specify in comments with link).
6. Blog about this contest (be sure to share the link).
7. Comment on this post telling me what you did (with links).

Once you have done any or all of these things, you can receive additional entries (one per day) by tweeting the contest again. Once I reach that 1,000th follower the contest will end and I will draw for the prize!

“And what pray tell is the prize…”

So glad you asked. The winner will receive all of the following:

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • G2 Mini RollerGell Pens (my favs! Big enough to feel normal small enough to keep in your pocket)
  • Small black notebook with elastic closure (small enough for purse/bag/pocket)
  • Choxie Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (Trio, Dark, Milk and White!)
  • Ritter Dark Chocolate Bar (Mmmm)
  • A package or two of PEEPS
  • A Random CUTE pair of socks, gender specific (Thank @LianaBrooks for that one!)

Note! These are not the socks… but they are cute. Cute socks will be commandeered in the right gender to the winner.

Ready, set, go! Good luck! 🙂

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