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It’s Saturday and I am sitting here with my cup of coffee in one hand, mouse in the other… trying to decide what I’m going to post about today… when out of  nowhere coffee comes to mind. Never mind that its always on my mind… let’s just go with it.

A few years ago, I made the switch from espresso/coffee pot to the world famous Keurig. If you haven’t seen a demo yet check out my friend Ally’s review(at the bottom)… she is the reason I bought it. However, I will tell you I got the quieter version… didn’t want to wake the whole house.

What is nice about this product… I can drink a HOT, FRESH cup of coffee in 3o seconds with absolutely no mess. The K-Cup goes in…. and comes out, no messing with filters. My cup collects the liquid gold. There’s no pouring from a glass pot with a spout that can never handle the pour speed (if I haven’t perfected that one in twenty years, I will forever spill), just a perfect cup of coffee. Ahhhh!

And now that the Kuerig’s are so popular, there’s a million and a half companies making their own brand of k-cups, which is awesome! Because there are so many choices. I use a brand-cup whose packaging is 97% Bio-degradable! So much less waste and so nice. (San Francisco Bay Coffee)

I now go to the bucks-taker much less now that I can have hot coffee in seconds. While it seems like it costs a pretty penny per cup (.20-.40/cup), if you do the math, you would have to have much more coffee before equaling just ONE bucks-taker cup.

Oh and for those of you who have a Keurig, I’ve got a coupon website for you! I haven’t personally used it, but it looks great.

Ahem, so now that I have done my part and enlightened you on the Keurig… and given you some coupons to boot… I have a coffee question for you…

How do you take it? Hot, Cold, Latte, Mocha, Skinny, Fat, Sugar Free…? You know, what do you tell the barista at your coffee shop when you happen upon them? Are you a froo-froo coffee drinker (like me) or do you just like it tall and unadulterated?

AND when do you drink it?

I drink Lattes… and I drink mine from the moment I open my eyes… until I wake up. Which sometimes isn’t until 4:00pm.

Spill the beans…

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