Homeschooling Take Seven!

And mark:

Today, kids all across the country start school. I know this not because mine grabbed their backpacks and headed for a bus, but because the statuses of my friends on FaceBook tell me so. My feed was overrun with cute pictures of my beloved friends and family and their new outfits and lunch pails. Some of them sending their kids to school for the first time ever (kindergarten)! Some of them wishing their college students well. While others are just stuck somewhere in the middle.

Guess what my kids did this morning?

They slept in.

Does this make me a bad mom?

Good gravy, I hope not. But it does make me a homeschooling mom!

Our school year hasn’t quite started yet and the beauty of homeschooling is that it’s so flexible that I don’t have to start on anyone’s schedule but my own.

So Eisley, when will you start then? *heard in the snarkiest voice one can muster*

Actually, we’ll start Thursday… in a car… on our way to California. We call it CAR-SCHOOLING!

What?! How can you do that? *heard in the most shocked voice one can muster*

Well, because my kids are just as flexible as homeschooling is… and I have all the curriculum on CD this year. They log into a program on their laptop and do their school. And while one is doing their laptop time, the other three will be reading, writing, drawing, or doing another non computerized lesson.

This my friends, is homeschooling in the twenty-first century! Taking school with you wherever you go.

We’ll be able to stop at all the little road side attractions as we drive. Even pull up information on the internet about what we’ll see next and then discuss it as we all anticipate arriving.

As mentioned above, this is our seventh year homeschooling. Nine if you count the preschool and Kindergarten years, but I don’t. Those are just fun, regular kind of learning years where they learn from the books we read and the activities we do.

There have been years I thought, “Oh my goodness, can I do this again?” While other years, like this one, I think, “What an exciting year!” I’m excited because this year all four of the children under my roof will be able to read all their assignments themselves (read that as extra writing time for mamma)! We’ll still do lots together as a teacher/student but the majority of their learning will be quiet moments in their favorite places. On their beds, at the table, on the couch, on their window seats. It will be an amazing year for all of us!

Now, that I’ve had two cups of coffee, checked my email (and replied), and even twittered a few times, my kids are awake. I guess it’s time to pack the van for our adventure!




4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Take Seven!

  • What curriculum on CD are you using? Yay for homeschooling!!! This is the beginning of year #4 for me!

  • Awesome, Eisley! I admire you even more now, if that’s possible.
    I would be scared to attempt homeschooling if ever such a thing catches up here. And with my kind of patience, I would be a failure even before I start!!!

  • Oh Jean! You’d be surprised what kind of patience you have when you see the excitement of your child learning! Its unmatched! 🙂

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