Virtual Release Party for: Purpose by Kristie Cook

I have the pleasure to participate in the Virtual Release party for the fabulous new independent author, Kristie Cook. Her first book, Promise, has made waves in the industry and we hope the waves continue with her next release Purpose.

So without further adieu…. Here is my interview with this fabulous woman…

*cue applause*

Kristie, how are you doing tonight? Are you ready for Christmas? Why are you looking at me like that? Yes, I know this is an author interview about a book release, but we need to find out about you right now…

House is decorated, but that’s about it. No presents even bought. But it’s going to be a small and easy gift-giving year. And you?

We have been ready since November 13th… no kidding. Yes, we like to be the early birds of the neighborhood. *wink* Did you ask for anything specific for Christmas this year? Do you think you will get it?

A couple of new pots and books. I might get the books.

Did you see Santa brought me an iPad*flashes the iPad*… It’s okay to be jealous. Oh wait, this is about you… So, do you own an ereader… or an iPad? *raises eyebrows*

Definitely jealous!!! I love my Kindle, but an iPad looks like fun!

It’s so fun. But ahem… Let’s talk about your novels! A lot of people may not realize that your series has a deeper meaning then “just another angel/demon book”. Can you explain a little about the Soul Savers series and what one might find if they search?

The Soul Savers series introduces the Amadis and Daemoni, good and evil factions on Earth ruled by the spiritual realm. Although creatures common in the fantasy genre are in the series, the original bloodline of these two societies are a completely new idea (okay, so supposedly no idea is new, but I haven’t seen or heard of it yet…). They represent the angels and demons fighting for human souls in our physical world.

It’s not billed as a Christian novel, yet it has a lot to do with the ideals of a Christian life. Why was it important that you put this idea out there in this way?

This was simply the story I was given and told to share. It wasn’t given to me as a Christian novel, but as one written for the masses, in our language and in the genre we enjoy reading. I don’t believe in keeping my distance from people who don’t live the Christian life. To me, that’s a form of abandonment. I also don’t believe in rubbing elbows with them just to take every opportunity to preach and try to force change down their throats. I believe in being their friends, talking to them in their language and demonstrating my ideals by example. People notice good people. Eventually, they start asking questions. My books are the same way and I hope that they generate questions or at least get people thinking.

What impact do you hope to have on the readers of the Soul Savers series?

Really, I just hope that they come away feeling like they haven’t wasted their time, that they enjoyed the stories and spending time with the characters. If they get more than the feeling of satisfaction, though, I hope it’s the message that it’s never too late to ask for forgiveness and that regardless of how horrible a person has behaved in the past, there is still hope for their soul. If one person asks what it means to become Amadis, to have your soul “saved,” to gain immortality, I can direct them to the true answer and I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished my purpose.

A major part of this story’s premise was based off the question, “Is a vampire’s soul really damned to hell?” I mean, that’s supposed to be part of the legend – that they sacrificed their soul in exchange for immortality, right? As murderers, they are the most despicable creatures, too. But what if they were turned against their will and tried to hang onto

(or return to) their humanity? What if they fought against their natural tendencies to do their best not to be evil? Can their souls still be saved? In my premise, the vampires became the ultimate example that no matter how evil one has been, no matter how many sins they’ve committed, there is still hope for their souls…if they make the decision. And that’s the “big picture”– salvation is available for anyone, if you want it.

That is a great message!

My guess would be that you have book number three roaming around your noggin someplace, when can we expect to hear about another release party. *rubs hands together*

Book three is actually half-written…but only half because it is still knocking around in my head. I’m hoping to release it in about a year – sometime late 2011, but possibly early 2012.

There you have it ladies and gentleman… Promise and Purpose are out and book number three is floating around in her brain, ready to jump into black and white soon. If you haven’t read Promise yet… you are missing out! And if you have, isn’t it time you found your Purpose? Thanks Kristie for coming!

Thank you so much, Eisley! This has been a real treat!

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  • Aw, I adore Kristie. Somehow I missed that her second book was out! What a fantastic series. I love the notion that it’s never too late for redemption. Great interview, Eisely. And um, November 13? You are an early bird…

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