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Well, I was going to try and do the last Flash Fiction from last week (A zombie falls in love with a vampire – Idea from @EveMorton40), but I’ve had a lot on my plate.

I homeschool my three kids (as most of you know) and we’ve had a busy week already. Then I started a new YA project (after dumping the Rings of Time on it’s booty). Then, I had an appointment today for an upper GI. So, I’ve been a tad busy this week. In fact, so busy that I feel like it should be Friday already. Calgone? Anyone? Anyone?

I am pretty excited about my new YA project. I wrote the first chapter yesterday and read it over today. It doesn’t suck. That is good. I made the decision to use Alpha readers on this YA project, mostly because I want to make sure I’m capturing what I need to capture along the way. The working title for this one is WHO… but it’s going to change. But if you hear me talking about YAWHO (Young Adult – Who… ROTFL Clever right? YAWHO – Yahoo? LOL Okay, I’ll move on) you know I’m talking about this project.

But, I have a slight shadow over this project. My upper GI.

Can I just say a big resounding UGH?!?

The procedure itself went off fabulous. They were so gentle that tonight I don’t even have a sore throat. THIS IS AMAZING. I’ve had two others and both times I felt like I played tonsil hockey with a Brillo pad! Nothing this time. And there is a great reason for that… and a not so great reason.

See, they went in to check on my Barrett’s Esophagus that I was diagnosed with in 2005/6. Don’t google BE… it’s scary stuff. I did that once. I won’t do it again. Basically it could be throat cancer. Considering I don’t smoke. Considering I dont have reflux anymore (Thank goodness). And considering I am not over 65… my odds are good that this BE is just a pain in the arse and something that I have to keep an eye on until I am 65 and then it may become an issue.

This is great news… and not so good news. It’s like I have a freaking time bomb in my neck.


Well, not so much.

SO anyhow, they did an EGD (Upper GI) in 2007 and found no remaining BE cells… Hooray! So I thought for sure I was in the clear… apparently though, once you are diagnosed with BE you have to be checked every 3 years.

It had been 4… Oops. My bad.

So yes, I had my EGD/GI today… and the reason it was so quick was because they found what they were looking for that quickly.

Again, superb awesomeness.

Again, not so much.

They did find “something” to biopsy. And now I wait 7-10 days to find out what that something is. There are many forms of BE… and there is only one form of cancer. The one I don’t want.

Say it with me… NO THANK YOU!

It’s hard not to worry when someone throws the cancer word in there. I’m only 35… I’m not 65 yet… I have plenty of time before that dreaded possibility right? Or am I that small percentage that gets it?

Tell you what, it’s pretty scary stuff.

Am I scared? Well I wouldn’t be human if I said I wasn’t scared. BUT, I will tell you that I have the knowledge that everything works together for good. Everything. It may not be an ideal situation. It may not even been an ideal diagnoses. It may even been that I do have cancer. Then so be it. Something good will come of this, it always does.

I’m a Christian, this hopefully comes by no surprise, and I fully believe that God didn’t give me these strange cells in my throat, but he will turn it around and use it for his glory. Some may not agree with my theology and that is okay. But it’s what I believe and I won’t part from it. Even if push comes to shove and I’m wondering why… I know that it will be okay.

So, the next 7-10 days will be “interesting” as I told my pastor who emailed today after the news spread like wildfire I had a biopsy taken.

Interesting is putting it mildly.

BUT, I will write. I will endure this trial. AND I will find joy in my circumstances.

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  • Praying that everything will work out. You are definitely an inspriration for thinking positively!!! I wish some of your positivity would run off onto my friend Jan…but oh well, some people just have glass half full mentality and others the glass half empty mentality.

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