Well played Monday…

So after an interesting weekend, one would think that Monday would give a break to those who need it. Apparently this isn’t how it works in my world. After a rough night trying to sleep (note the word trying) I woke to find a website I work with completely hacked. Luckily the ISP picked up  post haste and shut down the attack (to another server) but that puts quite a damper on my Monday morning. I don’t think enough coffee can undo the fix my brain is in at the moment.

Before I got out of bed, I was scrolling through the possibilities my day would hold. Maybe coffee with a friend. Maybe some write time. Maybe <insert other stuff here>… Problem is, once my brain was thrust awake by the hacker-attacker, the inserted other stuff has run for cover. So anything I thought I needed to get done today is hiding in the folds of my grey mass. Or what’s left of it anyway. Maybe it needs more coffee. I’m going with that.

In the meantime I will update you on all things Eisley.

Pieces of Me is done. Needs a bit of alpha editing after I get some notes back, but it’s done done. And it makes me smile.

Food Allergies stink. So last month I found out I was allergic to Wheat, Soy and Peanuts. Fine body, whatever you say. This is a hassle, but I’m promised to feel better, so I will deal. As if those three major allergens were not enough, my body says, “Oh by the way…” And I find out Friday I am allergic to Nuts, rice, tomatoes, and peas.  Really, body? And you are just letting me know this NOW? Apparently the joke’s on me.

So yes, this is when my weekend went downhill. Tho on the flip side of the coin, I am def not allergic to chocolate, coconut, meat, dairy, eggs, fish or shell fish! So at least I get to eat all the yummy foods still. Don’t know if I’m allergic to coffee and I won’t be finding out. My body will just have to deal 😉

Ethiopia 2012 –  I leave for Ethiopia in 6 short days. While these new allergies are going to make traveling “fun” I refuse to allow them to consume the joy I have thinking about being with the children of Gojjo again. I am so eternally grateful that while my allergies do make me feel terrible, I do not have anaphylaxis so if I accidentally eat something while in the field, I won’t die (def a plus). I’ll just have pain of inflammation during the next 24 hours. However, I am bringing benadryl to combat any such reaction and I know I’ll be fine.

So, from this point on, I will not focus on the allergies but rather the children we will be in contact with. And it will be amazing! Just look at these faces!

This return to trip to Ethiopia has been growing in my heart for months and I’m so excited it’s now about here! In fact, I’m soooo very excited that I am doing something fun in celebration!

On Sunday April 29th, my Christian Fiction Novel – RUNAWAY CHOICES will be FREE on Amazon. And it won’t go off free status again until after I’ve landed in Ethiopia!!! (Which is May 1) And I plan to do some vlogs and post them here on the blog regarding my travels and fun little tid bits about the trip.

This will be an amazing trip and I can’t wait to share with you all the details!

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