Dragon Rings in Pieces!

I mean Forever Time of Me!

I mean… well okay, you know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t… Hmm.

It’s update time!

Dragons Forever 2, Title to be Announced, is in the editors hands right now. And I lay at the mercy of their talents. I’m hoping to have the edits back by middle of December and then be able to get everything ready for publication by January! It’s a fun road but very time consuming. So, I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Those of you on Facebook know I’m actively editing through the Rings of Time, my YA Fantasy/SciFi. I’m happy to report that it too is slotted for release early 2012! I can’t give you a specific target date yet, but it will be early 2012.

For those of you Beta Readers who are breathing down my neck for more Pieces of Me(YA Urban Fantasy), I promise to finish it by April 2012 and hopefully have it slotted for release sometime in 2012 as well, but no promises on that one. It still needs to be written the rest of the way. But I’m sure it will happen, that story is jonesing to get out!

People are already asking about Dragons Forever 3… and yes, there will be one. It will hopefully come out in 2012 too. We will see. That is a lot of work on my fingertips.

Which means, I should probably get back to it.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Rings in Pieces!

  • You and Denise are the only two who have ever read it… I will have to debate on that one for a while and see what my gut says.

    I know Unseen is still in the works, so it will see light… Just don’t know when yet.

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