Launch Scavenger Hunt!

Can I just tell you how downright excited I am about the upcoming release of Born to be a Dragon? Wait, maybe I can’t tell you… I really can’t even put it into words how awesome this feeling is… and how much it makes me want to puke.

I assure you, this feeling is totally normal.

Okay, mostly normal.

Anyway, so the Scavenger Hunt! Wooooo! Here’s how it’s going to work. Each day starting July 6, 2011 I am going to post a link to a blog that has our “clue” on it. Every day, your job is to go read the blog, comment and then come back here and comment on that day’s post with the answer. It’s quite easy and it enters you into the prize for that day… AND a chance to win a FREE NOOK!

Exclusive content will be up on each blog pertaining to my Scavenger Hunt question and all you have to do is find the answer and comment.

Easy as that.

Each days prizes will be different from the last, but I can tell you there will be t-shirts, silly bands, dragon plush, dragon paper airplane books, autographed copies of the book, gift cards, and more! Each prize will be announced at the beginning of every day and announced at the beginning of the following day. On the final day (PUB DAY!!!) it will be the last push for the hunt.

You can earn more entries to the hunt by tweeting it (using the hash tag #DragonsRock), Blogging about it (please leave the address in your comment), or sharing it via Facebook (Use @EisleyJacobs in your post). I ask that you don’t spam your friends tho, or me for that matter with oodles of posts/tweets/blogs! One a day is all you need, but I will take notice of those who are creative in their multiple tweets or posts on FB… Just sayin.

Any questions?

Let the fun begin!!!

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