Big things happening…

teaserPOMAhhhh, I have secrets and I can’t keep it! Pieces of Me is getting a face-lift! Although we aren’t ready for the cover reveal, let me assure you that this face-lift is exactly what Braidan needed! And because I’m super nice (or maybe this makes me ornery?) I’m going to give you a teaser cover. Heh.

I know you can’t see much, but trust me, you are going to love it! And of course if the outside gets a make-over, the inside also gets some time in the sun.

And coming soon will be a whole new redesigned website.

Oh and we have a series title now! Fractured Souls.

Which really does capture the whole series so well (Thank you Lis for all your help with brainstorming! See I listen!)

And if that wasn’t exciting enough…Book two, Forged Reality is currently at the editors!

And because I just couldn’t stop there, Book Three now has a title (and a title page)*!
Shattered Existence* will be the final book in this series and it will be the epic conclusion you didn’t even know you wanted!

*I reserve the right to change the title at any time before release, but I think it’s pretty stuck in stone.

Seriously though, if you read my post a couple weeks ago, it seems that whatever was stuck in the gears is long gone. 15 days into 2016 and we have epic amounts of awesome! Cue the rock music.

Stay tuned for the re-release information of Pieces of Me and the cover reveal and announcement of the pub date for Forged Reality.

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