Free Books? (Google alerts)

smallcoverFINAL_RunawayChoicesGoogle alerts are a funny tool. If you are an author, you should definitely check it out and use it. You get to find out where in the world wide web your books (or personality) is being posted about. And quite frankly it’s thrilling!

Today’s google alert brought me to what I thought was a pirating website at first glance.

*Oh boy, not another one*

But after a quick click, I read the replies of the good people on the forum (after someone asked where they could find RUNAWAY CHOICES for free) who pointed them in the library direction and repeated you should not download pirated books. Yay, for them!

However, that brought me to a really good thought. And one I want out here on the website.

If ever there is a time that you, yes you reading this page, need a book and cannot afford to purchase it for .99 on kindle or another platform… please ask. I don’t need a super sob story as to why you need it for free or anything, but if you honestly can’t afford it, I don’t mind giving it to you for free. In fact, I spent the better part of an hour trying to TRACK this high school student down to try and offer her/him a book and the forum just wouldn’t let me… even after I created accounts and logged in!

So, if you are that kid, looking for summer AP reading, and you wanted to read my Speculative Fiction Novel, RUNAWAY CHOICES. Let me know through my contact link. I’d be glad to send it over.

Happy Summer Reading!

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