March Update

It’s March… yeah, about that.

I might’ve posted about the speed of time once… or twice… and maybe more, I stopped looking. But that is completely besides the point. I’m not going to tell you how unimpressed I am that time is not waiting for me. Nor will I tell you how displeased I am that Day Light Savings is about to start. Instead, I will just give you a general MARCH update.

Plugging right along with Pieces of Me 2. It has a tentative name, which I’ve shared with a couple folks, but I’m not going to announce it until it’s officially the title.  The first round alphas got back to me with some great suggestions and changes, all of which I’d suspected, so the news wasn’t a shock. I basically had to rewrite and structure most of book two because of THIS, THIS, and THAT. Things you can’t know until is comes out. But, I’m fully confident this is a stronger story and our characters will thrive under these circumstances!

I’m nearing the end (again) and hopefully it will go to alpha round two and beta round one by the end of April. I’m hoping to have a tentative release date by June. Maybe July? We will see.

The plans for the next novel remain the same: Revisit the novel formerly known as, THE RINGS OF TIME. I’m actually pretty excited about this trilogy. It’s my baby.

Usually in March, I’m about ready to be DONE with homeschooling. I’m burnt out, I’m debating my next years action, I’m melting down, really. However, this year things have gone much differently then any other year. I’m feeling rather great about our year! I feel like we could go on and do this for another six months (not that I would do that to myself or my kids— we love summer).

So what’s different this year? Why did I not hit the freak out/burn out mode? I actually had to sit and think about it a while. Because I really didn’t realize what had changed. Then it dawned on me… for the first time since 2007, this homeschooling family did not move houses or states! We’ve had complete stability in every manner or our lives and oh my goodness, what a difference this makes. I’m not harping on military life or post military life, but geeeeeez, not moving in the middle (or at the beginning, or the end) of a school year has made all the difference. It also helps that we have a great group of homeschoolers in the area whom we are very involved with and an excellent support system for all things learning.

It has just been a really excellent year.

Some of you know I’ve been teaching this year at my homeschool coop. This has been a phenomenal experience for both me and the students I’m teaching. We’ve done Short Stories and Creative Writing and it’s really helping to hammer out my curriculum for this summer’s Summer Courses. I’m actually going to be teaching some summer courses around the country called “The 5 Elements of Short Story Writing” in 2014. Want to find out if I’m coming to a city near you? Email me and ask! I’d be happy to let you know.

Depending on the location, the course will be a one day writing intensive on the 5 Elements or it will be stretched over 3 days. The course was designed for 6-8th graders and 9-12th graders (separately). It’s going to be amazing fun and I hope you’ll join me in a city near you!

Don’t forget, Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday March 9, 2014 at 2:00am

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