Writing Update

Ahhh, it’s been a couple weeks. It’s totally time for some writer accountability, don’t-cha-think?

Pieces of Me Pieces of Me I’m excited to announce that after much thought and prodding from my beta readers, I’ve decided to pitch Pieces of Me to the big 6 5! Well really, an agent first then the big six. So look for big news coming soon. For now, you can have my back cover teaser:

Seventeen year old Braidan O’Donnell wakes every day with no memory of what happened yesterday. No recollection of her family, her friends, or even her own face. Only a series of post-it notes hint at the life she supposedly leads. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t dismiss the thought that this isn’t her life or her true identity. The notes tell her to search for answers. But how can she learn the truth when she’ll forget everything the moment she drifts to sleep?

A new boy at school claims he has the key to her waking coma. If what he says is true, Braidan is far more than just a girl with amnesia… and she has precious little time to unlock her memories. Her life may depend on it.

Dragons of the Deep Book three of the Dragons Forever series is due out this Spring! Wooo hooo! Yes, yes. I am actively working it and the cover is already ready for it’s adventure. It’s just a matter of time.I’m hoping for an May release, but it might be beginning of June. I’ll know more soon!Rest assured, Meia, Deglan and the whole clan will be back in action soon. And Book 4 is already in the works (Cover artist has received the concept art and the plots are percolating). But I don’t expect book 4 to even make it out of my head until 2014. But you never know. It could be an ultra-productive year for me. DragonsoftheDeep_FRONT_2_small
unseenwithshadow The Unseen Chronicles I’ve had some emails lately as to when The Unseen Chronicles will be released. This project got side-swiped, for good reasons and some not so good reasons. But rest assured, it will have some finality in 2013.

The Novel Formerly Known As – PRINCE Some of you know this novel as Rings of Time. However, the name is up in the air now since Star Trek totally pilfered my eight year old title. What were they thinking?! I guess they couldn’t wait for me forever. Oh well.

Moving on. Yes. This novel. Err, series of novels will be revisited in 2013. In fact, that may be the only large project I’m doing in 2013. I love this novel as do most of my early beta readers who are eager to see it come to print. I’m only one writer. I wish I had more fingers so I could hold more cheese-balls. No wait, type more words. Yes, that.

Life/Homeschooling – Moving states was relatively easy in the grand scheme of things. I can laugh and say this NOW but in all reality it was pretty crazy. The time line I followed since April 29 went something like this.

  • Ethiopia April 29 – May 21
  • June 14 Husband was laid off
  • July 3rd Husband accepted job in California
  • July 18 Husband moved to California
  • July 19-Aug 10 ran around like a crazy woman getting a house ready to sell
  • Aug 11 Sold a house (took 24 hours)
  • August 18th moved to California
  • Sept – October we were displaced living between two locations while looking for a home
  • Black Friday 2013, we got the keys to our new house
  • Cyber Monday – Eisley died, but she lives.

Needless to say, things have been a little crazy. The good news is that I found a FABULOUS homeschool support group in Yuba City, CA while I was interim there. Yuba-Sutter Homeschool Group was MY LIFELINE to reality while I was there. I met some forever friends and totally was blessed by those ladies!

Once we moved to Shingle Springs (population 3,000 some-odd) I found another homeschool group which is also shaping up to be an amazing support group (50 C0rridor Homeschoolers). We’ve already met some pretty awesome folks. It’s exciting to see how the relationships develop.

And we just found a church, so I’m really feeling level headed once again (no comments from the peanut gallery).

Hopefully, now that I am back in the swing of things you will get some more posts about writing, homeschool, relevant things, funny articles, reviews, etc, more often then once a month. I look forward to getting back into the saddle.

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