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Screeeeeech…That is the sound of my brain… Oh my goodness. Let me just say, if you are ever EVER stuck in a rut, thinking “WHOA is the writing me,”…. Step out of your comfort zone and do some flash fiction off your current genre. And if that doesn’t work read some great books in your general genre (YA Fantasy). I guarantee you will be psyched when you are done… if you read the right books.

Holy buckets. I read the right books.

I just read ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by @BethRevis… and let me just say, Oh frex. I am STILL reeling!!!

I was going to write a flash today… but that will just have to wait. The UPS man delivered my book yesterday and I knew today would be shot. And it was… but in a great way. GREAT WAY.

First, let me assure you I will not SPOIL anything in this book. Except for the use of FREX… Hahaha!!! I love this cuss word… it works. I dunno if anyone has used it before, because I don’t usually read sci-fi, but I like it. I don’t curse… so this one is giggly to me… I can’t help it.

So like all good reviews I will give you the details first, in case you’ve never heard about this one.

From Amazon Librarian: Imagine leaving everything behind in order to be with the people you love, only to be left with nothing. Amy and her parents have been cryogenically frozen to be awakened in 300 years when their spaceship reaches the planet they will colonize. Unfortunately, Amy is unfrozen 50 years too soon. Her parents are too critical to the colony to awaken early, so by the time she sees them again, she will be older than they are. The culture on the spaceship is unfamiliar and everyone Amy meets is either an emotionless drone or lives in the mental ward. But there is little time for her to grieve the loss of her former life, because someone is thawing other colonists and leaving them to die. In order to find the murderer, Amy must join forces with Elder, the teenage future leader of the ship. But all of the inhabitants onboard have been told lies, and there are secrets that even Elder doesn’t know. This compelling novel is told in alternating chapters from Amy’s and Elder’s points of view. Amy is a contemporary character in a fish-out-of-water situation, and her grief and fear are realistically depicted. And as Elder learns the truth behind the ship, he begins to experience a coming-of-age that is convincingly written. The mystery will propel readers along, and the budding romance between Amy and Elder set against the backdrop of a dystopian society will appeal even to readers who don’t enjoy science fiction.

Thoughts From Eisley’s Brain (that is still reeling): Imagine a person, thinking she will be able to set the book down at any point of the day… to feed children… go to the bathroom… or even play catch the sprite. Now, throw that person from your mind, because that wasn’t me.

Oh. My. Word.

From the moment I picked up this novel I was SUCKED IN… Much like Amy sucked in that hot pocket at first… But unlike Amy, I LOVED IT! Beth hooks your emotions into the character in the first 5 pages. You feel for Amy, you see the sadness and the fight she is having with herself. As a writer, this completely amazed me. That I could care for the MC that quickly.

The book then throws you into the boys perspective… Loved it.

But, when it went back to Amy’s perspective I thought, What gives?! Why am I not seeing more of her perspective? Then Elder… then Amy… Then I got it. Around page 61… I think I almost peed my pants. So I remedied that, and brought the book. Seriously though, I knew around 61 that I would finish this today. I HAD to know what the heck was going on.

Now, my husband will tell you that I am pretty good at picking out clues and he is right. Also a few of my critique partners will tell you I picked up on clues in the MS as well they thought were well hidden. Ha.. I am just that good.

And like before, I KNEW two of the plot twists (reveals) around page 78(ish)… In fact, I think I tweeted about it. Oh yes, I did tweet it. I said one… I had a feeling about two… but wasn’t 100% at that tweet point but at least by page 90 I knew the second.

BUT it’s not an obvious thing… I am just good at figured it out. I should have been a detective 😉

ANYHOW, When I had to take a break for dinner… I was REALLY close to the end… and wondering HOW it was all going to play out… since I had what 20 pages?!?!

The last 20 pages DID not let me down. I was kinda shocked at the way it ended. Wished for more closure BUT it was also open for more later if ever there is a later.

THE ONLY bone I had to pick out was about the cryogenically frozen plot stuff. It didn’t seem like they were “protecting” enough (if you have read it you will know what I mean). I kept wondering, why aren’t they worried about this… then it would get thrown in for a millisecond to reassure me that it was being protected. However, I wasn’t reassured… it was more like a pat on the head that I didn’t appreciate. LOL I just thought more should have been done to protect, because it wasn’t. BUT this is sooo minor. I could take off like 1/2 a star… maybe even 1/4th? Not enough.

SPOILERISH alert: If you don’t want to know… skip past this SECTION below. I wrote it in WHITE and you have to SELECT it to see it. But it has to do with age appropriate thoughts as a mom of a upcoming YA reader. SO move on if you don’t want to know.

HIGHLIGHT HERE—–>I don’t believe this book to be appropriate for anyone under sixteen. And for my household, that might be even pushing it a little. Elder and Amy do not have sex, but they see enough of it and grunting, lunging, pressing, moaning, that I don’t  think should be overlooked for those who are debating on if they want their kids to read it. There is also an “almost rape” scene which is pretty harsh. Real, but harsh. Beth also chooses to use a few curse words, which I know are normal… and I do love the “FREX” curse word… yes, maybe I am prude but that is that.<——- TO HERE

So besides the little bone… I did love the book. It kept me engaged and reading STRAIGHT THROUGH, pausing only to get my kids meals and do school with them 😉

It was a great book! And I anticipate more from Beth Revis that I will enjoy. Can’t wait!

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