Indie Bound Wrap Up

If you missed out on the phenomenal series over the last two plus weeks, you have really missed out on something huge. Numerous folks around the indie publishing industry have lent their words to this blog in hopes that you will find the courage you need to make your dreams come true.

All of the posts had something vastly different to offer and all of them were amazing. Here they are in order:

Day One: Indie Author: Denise Grover Swank and Indie Editor: Jim Thomsen – Importance of an editor

Day Two: Indie Author: Breanna Teintze – What’s it like being an indie author? Like being a traditional author, only more so.

Day Three: Indie Author: LK Gardner-Griffie – Her story about the Indie Road

Day Four: Indie Author: Anne Riley – Interview (Agent to submission to indie)

Day Five: Indie Author: Deborah Riley-Mangus – To Be or Not To Be?

Day Six: Indie Author: Heather McCorkle – From agent to submission to indie

Day Seven: Indie Author: Jolyn Palliata – The Stigma of Self Publishing

Day Eight: Indie Author: Trish McCallan – Hard Choices

Day Nine: Branli Caidryn – Going rogue! –err Indie

Day Ten: Jeena Papaadi – Writes and gives a few pointers about her indie experience.

Day Eleven: Claudie H. Christian – 5 things a NYT bestselling author will tell you about publishing after a few shots of tequila

Day Twelve: Kristie Cook – How I decided to go Indie.

Day Thirteen: Cassandra Marshall – Talks about the importance of an editor

Day Fourteen: Donna and Alex Carrick – Chat about books, e-books and the changing publishing industry.

Day Fifteen: Penny Holguin – It’s not called failure, it’s called experience!

Day Sixteen: Megan Curd – Interview about her book BRIDGER and her upcoming releases.

Day Seventeen: Icy Sedgwick – Publishing with an Indie Small Press
This was a spic series and I’m so grateful to have had all of these wonderfully talented folks sharing their insights with us. I hope you will visit each post and glean from the wonderful information on each.

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