Indie Publishers: Carrick Publishing

Writing couple Donna and Alex Carrick chat about books, e-books and the changing publishing industry. Hi, Eisley, we’d like to thank you for inviting us to chat with your readers about books, e-books and our Carrick Publishing adventure. First of all, please allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Donna, and I’m here with my husband Read more about Indie Publishers: Carrick Publishing[…]

Indie Editor: Cassandra Marshall

Today we hit the fourteen day mark of the Indie Bound Series. No really! We’ve had thirteen other people post their advice, stories, and encouragements regarding the self and indie publishing routes. I’d love to say this will continue for days on end, but we are winding to a close, but certainly not losing steam! Read more about Indie Editor: Cassandra Marshall[…]

Indie Author: Kristie Cook

Today we welcome to the platform the fantastically talented Kristie Cook! She’s making waves in the indie world and I knew she’d be an excellent resource for this series. A little about Kristie: Kristie Cook is a lifelong, award-winning writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. She continues to write the Soul Read more about Indie Author: Kristie Cook[…]