Middle Grade and Young Adult…

This weekend I’ve been invited to speak at a writers workshop about the differences between the genres “Middle Grade” and “Young Adult”. Since this is my first time speaking in front of other writers, I thought it would be a good idea to type it all out so it’s fresh in my head. Besides, a lot of people desire the answers to this subject! So maybe it will help someone here too.

Topics I will cover:
So, what is the difference between Middle Grade and Young Adult?
What are the theme differences in MG and YA?
Is the length of the MS important?
Is it true that I shouldn’t use big words in Middle Grade?
Authentic conversations are important in all novels, not just Middle Grade.
How do you keep a middle grader turning the page?
Children Book Clicks… Join one, or not?
I’m an adult, should I be reading other middle grade books?
Girls vs. Boys Middle Grade Books
Titles Matter more than you think!
And my Final Thoughts

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