Big things happening…

Ahhhh, I have secrets and I can’t keep it! Pieces of Me is getting a face-lift! Although we aren’t ready for the cover reveal, let me assure you that this face-lift is exactly what Braidan needed! And because I’m super nice (or maybe this makes me ornery?) I’m going to give you a teaser cover. Heh. Read more about Big things happening…[…]

Tattered from LK Gardner-Griffie

LK: First of all, I’d like to thank Eisley Jacobs for hosting the Tattered tour. For today’s prize of a paperback copy of Misfit McCabe along with Eisley’s own book, Born to Be a Dragon, simply comment on this post. To get a free ebook copy of Misfit McCabe: Put together the puzzle and write Read more about Tattered from LK Gardner-Griffie[…]

Review: Across The Universe…

Screeeeeech…That is the sound of my brain… Oh my goodness. Let me just say, if you are ever EVER stuck in a rut, thinking “WHOA is the writing me,”…. Step out of your comfort zone and do some flash fiction off your current genre. And if that doesn’t work read some great books in your general genre (YA Fantasy). I guarantee you will be psyched when you are done… if you read the right books.

Holy buckets. I read the right books.

I just read ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by @BethRevis… and let me just say, Oh frex. I am STILL reeling!!!

I was going to write a flash today… but that will just have to wait. The UPS man delivered my book yesterday and I knew today would be shot. And it was… but in a great way. GREAT WAY.

First, let me assure you I will not SPOIL anything in this book. Except for the use of FREX… Hahaha!!! I love this cuss word… it works. I dunno if anyone has used it before, because I don’t usually read sci-fi, but I like it. I don’t curse… so this one is giggly to me… I can’t help it.

[… read my whole review here… ]

Middle Grade and Young Adult…

This weekend I’ve been invited to speak at a writers workshop about the differences between the genres “Middle Grade” and “Young Adult”. Since this is my first time speaking in front of other writers, I thought it would be a good idea to type it all out so it’s fresh in my head. Besides, a lot of people desire the answers to this subject! So maybe it will help someone here too.

Topics I will cover:
So, what is the difference between Middle Grade and Young Adult?
What are the theme differences in MG and YA?
Is the length of the MS important?
Is it true that I shouldn’t use big words in Middle Grade?
Authentic conversations are important in all novels, not just Middle Grade.
How do you keep a middle grader turning the page?
Children Book Clicks… Join one, or not?
I’m an adult, should I be reading other middle grade books?
Girls vs. Boys Middle Grade Books
Titles Matter more than you think!
And my Final Thoughts

[…