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Young Adult Science Fiction/Thriller
PIECES OF ME – Fractured Souls Book One

Forget everything you know. Forget your name, your family, your boyfriend, even your face in the mirror. Now couple that confusion with terrifying flashbacks—or are they hallucinations—of things you’ve never done or seen.Welcome to my haunting reality.My name is Braidan, and I’m seventeen years old. I wake every day with no memories. Only a series of sticky notes hint at the life I supposedly lead, but unease in my gut says this isn’t right. This isn’t my true identity. All the clues I’ve left for myself say to search for answers. But how will that work when I’ll forget everything the moment my mind drifts to sleep?

Ian, the new boy at school, claims the key to my walking coma lies in the hands of a scientific corporation. A corporation which wants nothing more than to see me never remember who I am. If what he says is true, I’m far more than just a girl with amnesia, and I’ve got precious little time to unlock my past and escape the destiny they’ve planned for me.

Pieces of Me depend on it.

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YA Science Fiction/Thriller
FORGED REALITY  – Fractured Souls Book Two

Memories have a curious way of changing your life. Good memories make you stronger. Bad ones make you wiser. And the ones you most want to forget torture you.

My name is Braidan, and I’m eighteen years old. Life outside Saber Corp has been nearly perfect for me, Lucas, and the ten girls who share my DNA. The fear has subsided, and now with my abilities fading, life may have a chance to settle into normal. At least, those are the lies I tell myself as I continue to deny what I see in Angel, my true replica. Why can’t perfection last?

Ripping everyone and everything I love from my grasp is not enough for Saber Corp. Now they want me dead, so they can drive Angel into a new reality they’ve forged for her

Losing everything threatens to destroy and transform me into the monstrous killing machine Saber once desired. Driven by my desire to find truth, I will use the past to navigate my new reality. Teamed with a handful of misfits, trust is a lost commodity. But if we work together, we may have a chance to stop Saber before they create havoc so powerful no one can stop it.

Destiny depends on it.

Click here to read Chapter One – Forged Reality

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