Pieces of Me

This song comes to mind today:

Petra – It is Finished

Yes, I am a Petra fan. Have been since I toddled around my mothers home. And it may seem a bit blasphemous for me to be singing this song when I’ve finished a manuscript… But seriously, this is the first thing that came to my mind at 1:30am last night when I closed the file.

It is finished!

It’s a good song! And when I woke this morning… I was indeed singing it again!

It is finished!!

Yes, that means Pieces of Me is on track for a June 29th release — barring any major catastrophes. Hrmm!

It is finished! Yes!!!

In other news, my trip to Ethiopia is in 2 short weeks (2 weeks 2 days!!) and I am so very excited. I knew I’d been called back to go again and am so blessed to be going. You will have much blog fodder while I am gone. I plan to blog each day of my trip.

We go to Denver, Chicago, Heathrow, Addis Ababba, Gojjo, Frankfurt… then I will break off for a few days and go visit my aunt. It will be a fabulous trip, one I will make into a working trip with all those layovers and travel… since I can’t sleep on planes. BUT, it will be amazing once we are in Ethiopia. We expect big things!!!

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